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On this page you can create your own user account by filling the required information.

That will help us make your visit to Costa Rica a wonderful vacation trip and you will see dentistry as a totally placentery experience.

In the first section, Contact Information, you will type your personal data and create a password, with this information you would be able to see or modify your account.

In the second section, Traveler Information, if you fly to Costa Rica alone or with company to receive quality dental treatment at an affordable price, we will need this information to make a treatment plan.

In the third section, Treatments, you choose several possibilities of dental treatments that you would like to have done in our clinic.

You also have the possibility to send an attached file with information that will help us evaluate your case.

In the Activities section, you will check some of the main activities you would like to do while you are in Costa Rica for your dental treatment.

In the fourth section, Destinations, you will be able to choose different places to visit in Costa Rica, combining your time here between tropical attractions and dental visits.

With the Hotels section, we can help you with the selection of the best hotel option for your trip.

In the last section, Additional Information, we can coordinate, if you need so, special requirements that you or any of your companions will use.

At the end of the page you must save the information you check.

Also the program will give you the possibility to make posterior changes using your personal password.

A form will be send to our clinic e-mail info@clinicastedem.com, so we can help you with the planning of your visit to Costa Rica.

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